Gather is a story-telling project focusing on Native American food sovereignty. The project is centered on a feature-length film directed by Sanjay Rawal and produced by Tanya Meillier and Sterlin Harjo. Renan Ozturk is the Director of Photography. The film is in production now and expected to be completed by early 2019. This project is being done in conjunction with First Nations Development Institute.

As the Team developed this project traveling across Indian Country, they were been privileged to have been offered access to a number of timely and important stories. Some of these stories resonated with such urgency that they warranted a more timely medium than long-form filmmaking. The Team began hiring Native American journalists and photographers to document these stories both for Indian Country media and beyond.

At the same time, on every reservation the Team visited, they saw the capacity of the next generation of Indian story-tellers. As a result, the Team began holding photo-journalism workshops for Native Youth along with Native journalists, donating software and cameras as well as sharing cutting edge skills and techniques. Three have been completed thus far: on the Hoopa, the Yurok, and White Mountain Apache Nations.

We hope to bring out more and more journalism and photo-driven stories throughout 2018 as we build up to the completion of the feature-length documentary.

The filmmaking Team is indebted to the generosity of every tribe that we’ve had the chance to visit and those that we haven’t yet. We realize that there are far more food sovereignty stories than we can ever do justice to, and we are grateful for the opportunity to be of any service to this Movement – sweeping Indian Country from within – and to all the powerful leaders – women and men – that are fighting for control over their food system.